How To Use This Site

This website contains a number of features to enhance its use. This page explains some of these features to enable you to get the best experience from the site.

Use On All Devices

The site is fully ‘responsive’ which means it recognises the size of the screen on your viewing device – whether a desktop computer, a tablet or a mobile phone – and arranges the page content to fit for the best view.

On larger devices photographs appear alongside text. On smaller devices photographs and other elements such as cross headings may ‘stack’ below and between the text.

The Main Navigation

The navigation will remain at the top of the screen as you scroll down so you can seek other pages easily, but it becomes slightly smaller so as not to take up too much space.  On smaller devices, the navigation is replaced automatically by a symbol of three horizontal lines. Tap on this symbol to access navigation.


Any picture on the site can be clicked on to access a full size version in a new screen. If your cursor becomes a magnifying glass with a Plus sign, click your cursor on the image to blow it up to 100% size. To go back to the page your were previously viewing, use the Back button for your browser.

‘Those Who Served’ Gallery

This page displays nine ‘featured images’ at a time to speed up the overall page load. When you scroll down, nine more images will appear. This may take a few seconds on some internet connections.

The featured images show a picture of the person, their headstone or an overseas memorial  if a photo of the person is not available, and the grey Rising Sun badge where there is no image available.

Hover over the featured image to reveal the name of the person. Click on the Plus symbol to enlarge the featured image or click on the right arrow symbol  to go to their profile page.

At any time on a profile page while using a larger device, you can use the left and right arrows at the sides of the screen to move to the next or previous profile. The arrows disappear on smaller devices.

Picture Galleries

Some pages may include a picture gallery of small ‘thumbnail’ pictures. Hover over the thumbnail to see further details. Click on the Plus symbol to open a picture gallery. The page will be greyed out in the background. Hover left and right on the pictures to move directly between them. Click on the X in the top right corner or anywhere off on the greyed out page to close the gallery.

Searching the Site

Click on the  small magnifying glass in the main menu to search the site or use the search form on the Home page. A new page shows the results of your search.


The Canungra Answered The Call Centenary Of ANZAC Project welcomes your feedback. If you would like to share your memories of any of the soldiers featured on this website, or provide additional information or comment, please contact the project team by clicking the contact button to the right.