The Project

The Canungra Answered the Call website project, coordinated by the Canungra RSL Sub Branch Inc, has been made possible thanks to a Federal Government Centenary of ANZAC grant.

The project aimed to tell the story of each individual, named on Canungra’s memorial, who enlisted in the Great War 1914-1918.

Drawing on World War One service records and the recollections of family members and descendants, it provides a fresh insight into the lives of those who for so long have been, to many in the wider community, simply names on a memorial and to see them, if for the first time.

A note about the Roll of Honour as it appears on Canungra’s memorial and this website

It was ANZAC Day, 1938, before Canungra’s memorial honouring those who enlisted in the Great War was finally unveiled.

Whether it was due to the passage of time or simple clerical error, the Roll of Honour panels on the granite obelisk included a number of inaccuracies.

Those inaccuracies, sometimes in the spelling of a surname, the carving of an initial, or the fate of a soldier, came to light during research for the Canungra Answered the Call website project.

The Roll of Honour as it appears on this website has been developed from the Roll of Honour as shown on the Canungra memorial, but verified by digitised World War One service records from the Australian National Archives. This explains the discrepancies between the two lists of names.

Sadly, a number of records for individuals whose names appear on the Canungra memorial could not be located in the national archives database during the course of the project. If you believe you have reliable information on any of the individuals for whom we have no record, please contact the website administrator.


The Canungra Answered The Call Centenary Of ANZAC Project welcomes your feedback. If you would like to share your memories of any of the soldiers featured on this website, or provide additional information or comment, please contact the project team by clicking the contact button to the right.