Robert Leuyns Delpratt

With two sons already serving in the 5th Light Horse, Robert Delpratt’s father not only supported the enlistment of his teenage boy he also asked that he be posted to the same regiment as his brothers.

Beaudesert-born Robert was a farmer and the younger brother of Bertram Delpratt and Maurice Delpratt.

His mother had already passed away by the time Robert enlisted, three months after his 18th birthday.

In a letter supporting his son’s enlistment for overseas service, Joseph Delpratt, of Tambourine House, Bromfleet, wrote:

“I am quite willing that my son lately enlisted, Robert Leuyns Delpratt, should undertake any work that the authorities may consider him fit for. As my son has two brothers in the 5th Light Horse, I should much prefer that, if possible, he should be allowed to join the same regiment and will make further application later on with that object in view.”

However, the war was nearing its end when Robert Delpratt had enlisted on August 8, 1918, and he was discharged in December without ever having left Brisbane.

In 1920, Robert’s sister, Sybil Delpratt married Romeo Lahey, whose family’s sawmill was central to the economic life of Canungra.

Tragically, Robert was killed in a logging accident in 1929, at the age of 28.

He never married and had no children, but is remembered by family members as a much-loved uncle.

“The war was nearing its end when Robert enlisted.”


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